About Us

As the latest addition to the JAGADI brand, we are proud to present you our “JAGADI EYEWEAR” line.

Javaid’s creativity and design within the JAGADI brand and Philip’s background within the optical trade for generations, lead to the birth of creating not only a fashion accessory that stands out, but also would give 100% visual protection and comfort.

Javaid 2016



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Quality Designed Eyewear

Natural sustainable materials were used for the hand crafting of the eyewear.  A variety of  quality Veneer woods, bamboo and maple skate-wood are used for the creation of your optical frames and sunglasses.  Refined finishes enhancing the features of it’s natural aspect and not one pair of glasses will be identical to the other.


  • Durable Eco-friendly material
  • Floats on water
  • Hand made
  • Stainless steel spring hinges on all styles
  • Inclusive of a 1 year manufacturer warranty after date of purchase
  • 100% 400nm UV protection and elimination of glare through the polarising filter